Collaborative Shoot at Studio Muse


Following the longing to connect with creatives in the area, especially after the isolation of 2020, I organized a collaborative shoot centered around connecting like-minded individuals to create and play. I feel so lucky to have partnered with such talented creators and turned our “internet friendships” to IRL ones! Below is a little bit of how it all came together!

“I want to provide a space for the creative magic to happen”. This is how I started to describe this idea, just as it started to form. I spent hours day dreaming it up: who would be involved, what would we shoot, my own creative goals, props, logistics etc. 

I wanted to provide each participant with context around the project. I created a basic brief to utilize for that – it included a color scheme, mood board and purpose being to capture brand photography for Phosphene Studio. 


After eager introductions, we jumped in. Phosphene Studio provided all clothing and accessories, which we took time to lay out and steam as the models prepped.

I had each photographer take turns leading the floor, which gave everyone time to experiment and capture unique shots. We all worked seamlessly as an indie folk playlist played in the background.  

Reflection and Takeaways

  1. You’re not alone.
    • I found that the women involved in the event were also longing for the creative connection and collaboration. If you’re feeling it, chances are you’re not the only one.
  2. Creativity = collaboration
    • A large amount of the shots I captured where prompted through collaboration.
  3. Create structure to break.
    • I put hours of thought and preparation into this shoot. That structure allowed for these creatives to experiment, “problem-solve” based on the props provided, and collaborate.

September 1, 2021

- sarah