End of Year Reflections, 2021

Lifestyle and Reflection

As we close out 2021, I’m reflecting on how LITTLE I knew would happen this year, and simultaneously so grateful for it. Throughout the year I felt I was in transition – from employment opportunities to creative voice. But little did I know that the marketing agency I was working for would close its doors and I’d start my own business. Below are a few reflections and creative goals, but first, let me lead with gratitude. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of friends and family – you know who you are! In the last five months of building this business, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some pretty amazing businesses as well. The trust they’ve put in me and my creativity is truly humbling. Thank you.

In January of 2021, I set a word of intention: curiosity. The hope was that curiosity would lead and shape my creative work. This looked different throughout the course of the year! From a career perspective, this looked like building in time to critique work and brainstorm with my team. From a personal-creative perspective, my film photography practice as whole is built upon curiosity and the willingness to fail. Heck, see my blog post here on what I’ve learned through failing at film photography. 

By The Numbers

10 Client Brand Shoots

8 Coffee Dates

7 Proposals Sent

5 Brand Identity Projects

3 Website

3 Print Design Projects

1 Lumière Creative Brand Shoot

Proud Of:

Creating work that aligns with my passions. Something I strive towards this next year is to clarify the Lumière brand voice and vision, working with clients who want to invest in creating beauty together. I’m also proud of efficiencies created through building a brand identity process and proposal template, used for nearly all branding projects this year!

Struggled With:

Starting my business, I felt more anxiety than I care to admit. I am lucky enough to have a support system and therapeutic practices, like journaling and exercise, that grounded me throughout the changes. Even still, I majorly struggled with not feeling qualified, respected and like I belonged. It was the “first day at a new school” kind of vibe (yuck!). This is still a work in progress but by defining core values, pursuing creativity and allowing myself to fail, I found meaning and grace.

On top of that, I went from a traditional 9-5 to full freedom over my schedule. Creating structure but also listening to myself allowed me to navigate time management and balance “business” time with “creation” time.

Inspired By:

  • Neighborhood Walks
  • Design Better Podcast (Fave Episode here)
  • Fellow Business Owners
  • Leading a collab photoshoot (here)

Learned Something New:

Intention for 2022: Presence

This coming year, I’m committed to being present in how I create. This means showing up and not leading with an agenda. My creative skill is shown through the ability to participate in a client’s vision and lead conversation.

Excited for What’s to Come:

  • Creative Collaboration
  • Incorporating film photography into my client work

Again, a huge THANK YOU to all those who have supported me throughout this year, whether it be through collaboration, client work or simply grabbing coffee. I’m so grateful. 

January 1, 2022

- sarah