Thanks for being here! With a background in illustration, my work has always put the story first. Though the method by which I tell stories has changed over the years, what remains the same is that it’s led by the want to create and share beauty. As the designer and creator behind Lumière Creative Co, I'm dedicated to making sure your story leads all that we do together. We’ll shine a light on the value you offer, attract your target audience and give you time to focus on what you love.

Artist at Heart, Creator, and Early Morning Coffee Lover 

Meet Sarah

You’re probably feeling spread thin, juggling all that goes into running a business. It can be draining to keep up with the algorithms and trends, and you begin to feel lost without a consistent brand voice and look. 

The good news is that you’re not alone. We’ve been there. Heck, some days we’re right there with you! 

We believe that you’ll attract more of your ideal customers when what you see reflects who you are and your business goals. In everything we do, we want your story to shine through. 

A Brand Partnership:

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We deliver thoughtful and inspired work that not only is beautiful but provides lasting value.


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We care about where we live, who we work with, and contributing to the growth of our creative community.


We create an inviting and approachable environment – safe to collaborate and explore ideas.


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